Euro Basketball AKO Bonus up to £100,000

  • check how to get euro basketball bonus up to £100 000 at bet365 promo! Euro Basketball AKO Bonus up to £100,000

    Hello all basketball fans! This one is for you to get even 50% of your winnings on best Euro Basketball events!

    What bets qualify to euro basketball ako bonus?

    The qualifying bets are pre-game acca composed of at least 2 selections placed on Eurocup, Men’s Euroleague, Spain Liga ACB, Germany Bundesliga and Italy Lega 1 on eligible markets: 2-Way Game Point Spread and  -Way Game Totals for Match.

    What is the maximum of bonus?

    The maximum the customer can be awarded is £100,000 (or equivalent). Provided that your bet is a winning one, the promoter will credit your accounts as follows, depending on the type of bet: doubles 5%, Trebles 7.5% bonus, 4-folds 10%, 5-folds 15%, 6-folds 20%, 7-folds 25%, 8-folds 30%, 9-folds 35%, 10-folds 40%, 11-folds 45%, and 12-folds and more 50%!

    What if I am a newbie at bet365?

    Take a short while and sign in via our Website at b365. Enter the special bonus code that entitles all new customers to a welcoming bonus and start betting!

    Are there any stake-related restrictions?

    In order to be awarded the bonus you cannot cash out the full stake, it he or she cashes out a part of the stake the extra amount will be recalculated using the rest of the stake as a the basis. The recalculation also applied to edited bets, however only if selections as changed other than In-Play selection. Combos with bonuses (Lucky 15’s or Lucky 31’s) are excluded.

    What is my selection is postponed or cancelled?

    The offer still applies even when some of selected positions are postponed or cancelled – yet, the award will be reduced to reflect the true number of winnings, for instance. 6-fold with 5 winnings and 1 cancelled /postposed will be awarded 15% bonus.

    What else should I know?

    The promoter may reclaim any part of bonus or cancel any bet funded with deposit, which is gained in violation of the terms and conditions of the promotion, including but not limited to a case, where a number of bets are made by a customer alone or in group using bonus (or free bets or any other promo) guarantees gains to the customer, regardless of the outcome.

    Bet365 has the discretionary right to impose administrative charges up to the equivalent of deposited bonus or free bet to cover the costs in this respect. Moreover, the promoter may demand that the customer, before being credited the bonus or free bet, submits evidence proving the identity to the satisfaction of the promoter.

    The terms of any bet365 promotion may be freely amended, nullified, reclaimed or refused.

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